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About Our Guard Locksmith & Garage Door LLC

Our expert technicians have appointed the best locksmith & garage door repair services technicians in this business. Our list of services is comprehensive, and it features:

  • Residential LocksmithExpert residential locksmith services
  • Commercial LocksmithExpertise in any lock repair/installation
  • Automotive locksmithHigh quality solutions & services
  • Emergency LocksmithBest & quick emergency lock solutions
  • Garage Door InstallationBest & latest garage door installation services
  • Garage Door OpenerRepair/Installation of garage door opener
  • Spring ReplacementReplacing the broken & old springs
  • Sensor & Motor RepairRepair/Installation of garage door/sensor

Guard Locksmith & Garage Door Repair Maple Valley

How to Pick the Right Garage Door

Choose the appropriate garage door is surely one daunting task. People characterize a lot of things before settling on one particular garage door for their house or property. People consider various factors before they buy a door. And it is needed too. It is good to be careful at the start to avoid issues later. This is where you need an expert to guide you. You need someone who can tell you which garage door will suit your needs.

Considerations for garage door

Looking for the garage door for your house should be one of your vigilant choice. We at Maple Valley Garage Door Repair will assist you to make a choice. It is as much a component of the design of your home as the shingles on the rooftop. Find out the appropriate garage door for your home by contacting us. You can think about your objectives, and how much the structure of the door will incorporate into the design.

Maple Valley Garage Door Repair recommend to weigh while picking a garage door. You should know what you are buying as it is a big investment. It is very important to be careful. Or you can reach us for best tips. We make sure you get the best door as per your needs and what may suit you. All you need to do is get help from an expert.

Then subsequently, you will consider about reduction in levels of noise. Maple Valley Garage Door Repair includes these necessities in the garage doors we make so that you can get the perfect garage door for your house.

Support and maintenance ought to be a major factor in your choice. Much the same as whatever remains of your home, yearly upkeep keeps the look of the garage door outstanding and keeps it working appropriately. We at Maple Valley Garage Door Repair offers such products which make the maintenance easy for your garage door. We also provide maintenance services a yearly basis to our clients and customers.

If you feel that picking the correct garage door for your house implies heaving thinking and consideration, then let us make it easier for you. We at Maple Valley Garage Door Repair offer you with the garage doors which not only complement the look of your house but also let you get the value for your money.

A few factors that we keep in mind while designing the garage door for you are as under:
  1. Insulation – The insulation factor on garage doors is profoundly significant. The pattern today is to utilize your garagefor more than simply parking and storing your belongings.Garages can likewise work as workspaces. We at Garage Door Repair Maple Valley ensure that the garage door that we install at your house has high R-values. It is due to insulation, your garage door remains warm, the noise level decreases and you are also able to save the energy. Garage doors from Garage Door Repair Maple Valley are fabricated utilizing polyurethane foam or polystyrene as the medium for insulation.

  2. Materials –As the thumb rule states, the better the material, longer it will last.Think about what all elements you garage door will have to endure. How frequently do you intend to utilize the door? Steel garage doors from Garage Door Repair Maple Valley are sturdy and don’t need frequent touch up and tidying. Vinyl doors on the other hand last a hold up to harsh climate, are impervious to dents. And most interesting factor, they never required to be painted.If you admire the look of wood, then your best bet would be a garage door that resembles wood but of course you don’t want to do that kind of maintenance; therefore, fiberglass surfaces that are fabricated to look like characteristic wood grain would be a great choice. As per Garage Door Repair Maple Valley WA the excellent choice would be doors appearing like wood but joined with insulation and steel. We at Garage Door Repair Maple Valley WA can provide Faux wood doors to our customers so that they can enjoy the magnificence of genuine wood doors without the upkeep issues.

    Aluminium and glass garage doors are very popular choices these days. These doors give your house a very sophisticated and subtle look. You can paint your aluminium doors in numerous hues, or you may pick an alternate tint and finish. You may keep it with the glass obscured, clear. It is difficult to insulate glass, and you might not have any desire to think about a glass door in the event that you live in a chilly atmosphere. The wood garage doors are generally costly and require a lot of upkeep and maintenance, yet a number of individuals who do not have a wooden garage door are envious of those who have it. The magnificence and craftsmanship of genuine wood garage doors by Garage Door Repair Maple Valley WA is phenomenal.

  3. Windows – Undoubtedly windows add esteem and style to your garage door. They are a source of the natural light. On the off chance that you need to utilize your windows as genuine lookout points, we at Garage Door Repair Maple Valley WA recommend you can add them to the third board from the base. On the off chance that your windows are there for the sake of decoration only, simply add them to the top most panel.

  4. Cost – Another obvious factor while picking a garage door is cost. Peruse through the various catalogues from Garage Door Repair Maple Valley WA. You will be astonished at how reasonable these garage doors are placed at. The most select and costly garage doors are custom made wood doors. Fiberglass doors are mid-range as far as cost is concerned, and steel doors overlaid with vinyl are much friendlier to your pocket. You can pick uninsulated steel doors produced in a solitary sheet at even lower cost, and second rate wood doors are dependably available to be purchased. We at Garage Door Repair Maple Valley WA recommend that you must increase the value of your home by expanding its appearance. In the event that your garage door is the principal thing potential purchasers or visitors see, pick one such door that supplements the look and architecture of your home.

  5. Operating structure –Garage doors from Garage Doors Maple Valley utilize counterbalance springs to lift and close. The garage door opener does not close or lift the door; it gives the push to get the door moving. The springs are vital. They twist up firmly when the door is shut and loosen up as it opens. Look and check whether the springs are under strain. Springs under tension or strain can be hazardous. You can buy a garage door that encases garage door springs inside a steel tube. In the event that the spring breaks, the cylinder will contain the greater part of the peril.

  6. Warranties – Garage Doors Maple Valley WA offer guarantee. Guarantees offer true peace. If guarantees are made by Garage Doors Maple Valley WA we will always remain behind our design. If anything happens to your door, calls us. We can replace the same.

Garage doors from Garage Door Repairs Maple Valley WA work great. Try not to settle to ordinary doors when doors with such great qualities are available. Garage doors from Garage Door Repairs Maple Valley WA come in various designs, colours, sizes. Incredible garage door decisions will give your home appeal, and set your home over the rest.

The garage door is essential but users generally don’t give careful consideration. They ignore until the point issues happen. With the end goal to save your vehicles and your garage door, it is vital to have the normal maintenance of your garage door done in time. You can always rely on the experts like us. It is good to avoid and avert any kind of issues that may pop up in the future. So it is any day a smart move to check everything before buying the garage door and also maintain your door for it to last long. We ensure that our customers are happy and safe with our services.

Lock & New Garage Door Installation

We can assist you in the modernization of your facility, the installation and repair of your any new lock & new garage door. We have classic designs of garage door and different locks.

Installing, Maintaining & Fixing Different Locks

We provide a comprehensive range of services for home, business, and car locksmith. We provide services for lock rekey, broken key extraction, key cutting, safe and file cabinet opening.

Specialize In Replacing Broken Garage Door Springs

Our expert technicians will perform the spring replacement in the most professional and economical manner. With our excellence and expertise, you will surely get the best services.

Expert Help According To Requirements

We always use the right parts for the job and no hidden costs – we won’t surprise you with hidden fees. We offer free estimate for any locksmith and garage door repair services.

Locksmith Maple Valley WA

The Maple Valley Locksmith is perceived and regarded as the topmost company. We have been working in the region for years and know what people want. We make sure that your needs are fulfilled and you get what you pay for. With the best team you can get huge range of locksmithing services. We give great residential, corporate, or personal services. We at Maple Valley Locksmith does as such significantly more than just fitting new locks or cutting keys. Maple Valley Locksmith are known as experts in the field. We can install alarms, program keys and remotes, crack open safes, master key frameworks, etc. There is nothing we cannot do. All you need to do is trust us.

Maple Valley Locksmith has been working from years in the industry.

We know what people need and make sure to offer best services at best prices. We suit your pockets and so you do not need to spend more to get quality services. Maple Valley Locksmith experts are chosen with caution. So, you will get an expert at your door at all times.

When you hire Maple Valley Locksmith you can be sure to get the best. We have been working in the industry from years. We have the team who knows what they are doing. When it comes to customer service we are the best. We treat customers as the king of business. Your needs are important to us. We listen what you want and strive to deliver what you need.

In case you are searching for a vehicle locksmith, alarm expert or safe opening specialist or basically require new bolts on your doors, ensure you utilize the services of Locksmith Maple Valley. Simply call us up and our expert locksmith from your nearby area will get in touch with you.

We are the best Locksmith Maple Valley. We offer professional services for commercial, and residential uses.

The Locksmith Maple Valley look forward to serve you. We give access to our qualified locksmiths. We help you with extra tips about how you can secure the things that are critical to you.

To ensure you get the most ideal service. We give quality work, all Locksmith Maple Valley experts are:

  • Qualified in this trade
  • Tested and Recommended
  • Fully Insured
  • Security Licensed

Notwithstanding the above necessities, we are also bound by a strict Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.

Why Locksmith Maple Valley?
An expert and well-trained locksmith from Locksmith Maple Valley WA can do everything. Whether it is repairing the locks or installing new ones, we can do it. We can also alter or fix such gadgets, rekey locks, create duplicate cards or keys, etc. A few locksmiths install and service the surveillance and electronic alarm devices and systems. Locksmith Maple Valley WA is a company which is a well known in the industry. People know us and we work to satisfy you. We keep up security in your property.

Whenever new locks are needed, we help in deciding the right sorts of locks needed. Our locksmith place all the locks and security gadgets utilizing our formats by cutting or boring the correct opening in the chosen area with updated tools.

Locksmith Maple Valley WA can give you security benefits in various territories, including:


  • We can help open your doors when you have lost the keys or are bolted out. There are individuals out there who can open your door. however all Locksmith Maple Valley WA are authorized. We have what it takes to carry out the activity professionally.
  • We know our tasks of securing your property and belongings well. Every one of the things that are imperative to you. One of the principal things anybody ought to do when they move house is getting their locks changed. Bear in mind to change the frequency of your garage remote as well.
  • We are glad to audit your security and inform you of the choices that you have. If you have great security, we won’t attempt and offer you something useless. We just follow the principles you ought to be able to anticipate from any pro in this domain.
  • We keep industry closer to us. Whenever any new advancement comes up we know about it.
  • And indeed, we cut keys, fix and sell locks, fix and sell safes. We also install alarm systems and CCTV frameworks. We can even recode the remote of your garage.


  • We configure, fabricate and install master key and restricted keying frameworks for business and industrial applications.
  • We are experts in providing security.
  • We are a fully experienced and trained firm. You will never regret your decision of choosing Locksmith Maple Valley WA.


  • The technology that is utilized in vehicles, trucks and bikes changes and we know it. Your best option is Locksmith Maple Valley WA. We are fully informed regarding the most recent innovation. We have the required tools to do what is needed to do. Even better, we can come to you. Just give us a call wherever you are. we will help you.
  • Old or new, we love and value all vehicles. We know our task and we know that you would never want any locksmith to drill in to open the vehicle. We know how to open your car without any drilling or scratching. We are not constrained to one particular brand, or model. From your tractor, or to your light plane, we can help you.
  • We are also an expert when it comes to all kinds of remotes.
What services can we give?

Experience and Know-How:

Staff of Locksmiths Maple Valley Washington is very skilled and know what they are doing. They make sure that ou get what you want. The staff of our company holds the experience of serving the best way to customers. The staff of our company is a right mix of experience and skills. Call us today and get the services you need.

Restricted Key Systems:

Locksmiths Maple Valley Washington can offer different key systems which will suit you. Such security system give a sense of safety. This ensures you and your family is safe always.

Electronic Security and CCTV:

We can provide you with the most recent Electronic Access Control technology. We also deal in CCTV and Alarm Systems.

Bolt Outs and Emergency Opening:

Around half of the experts of our team are Mobile Locksmiths. They specialise in Emergency Openings. In case you have bolted yourself out, for private properties, trucks, cars, call us. We ensure that your home door or vehicle doesn’t get one scratch. We make sure the system works the way they have been performing previously.

Re-Keying and Re-fitting of locks

Our Locksmiths are expert in Re-Keying and Re-Fitting of private and business properties. They can give all service. From cutting a solitary extra key to designing and putting in a Master Key System, we can do it.

Safes and Deposit Boxes:

We are the experts in prescribing, delivering and putting in numerous sorts of safes and safe boxes. We ensure the security of your own things or the everyday income of your company.

Top services

Locksmith Maple Valley Washington knows how important safety is for your house and your loved ones. We make sure that you are safe always. We are there to keep you safe. The locks we offer are made of top quality material and last long. You will never be unsatisfied when we are there. We are known for the top notch services and genuine products. All the products we offer are genuine. This means that our products last longer than any other company.

Why pick expert locksmith over an unlicensed Locksmith?

There are many companies who claim to offer great services but not all give what they promise. There are companies which may say that they will deliver great services. But, you should not always trust all. Most of the company are there to cheat customers and just make money. They do not focus on customers and just cheat them. While most companies are newbies they do not even know to do the work properly. They do say that they know everything but it will be you who will suffer. SO, it is needed to perform a research before you hire a company. See the portfolio of the company. The staff it has. You should know the firm before you hire them. This decreases the issues in future.

A cheap staff may help you save money in the short term. But in the long term you will suffer. You will spend uselessly and may face issues. A newbie does not know the task and it results in more issues in future. You will face more issues that will cost more and this is why choose an expert like us.

Our employees ensure that they add more security to your home. We use only the quality material. The safety is in our hands but to maintain that you also need to be smart. We give suggestions for the upkeep of systems. Think well and act accordingly. Your safety is ultimately in your hands. Call Locksmith in Maple Valley Washington.


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